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‘Shah Rukh Khan Eats Only Tandoori Chicken,’ Is it Beneficial? Know What Experts Have To Say

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It is no secret that many celebrities follow strict diets to maintain their physiques. Every celebrity has different fitness goals and dietary needs, but do you know there is a celebrated actor who only eats tandoori chicken? I was wondering who that star might be. He is none other than ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’ Shah Rukh Khan. Yes, we aren’t kidding. During a Star vs Food Season 2 interview in 2021, Anil Kapoor asked Farah, “How would you describe Salman with food?”

She responded, “He is the only star I know who eats everything. Shah Rukh eats tandoori chicken only. I’ve never seen him eat rice, bread, or roti. Salman, despite having this physique, I’ve seen him eat biryani, chhole, rice. He eats everything.” To which Anil adds, “While working with him on Trimurti, I saw he takes only one serving.”

A follower named Balwant Dhaliwal also shared an encounter with the Jawan actor, stating, “Yup, still remembered that when King Khan was in Malacca (Malaysia) shooting for Don 2, we catered for him and the film crew. His menu was just tandoori chicken tikka for lunch and dinner.”