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6 Benefits Of Adding Sandalwood To Your Skincare Routine During Summer

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As the summer heat increases, our skin begins to experience more and more stress – from clogged pores, breakouts to skin irritations and sunburns. Regular showering is essential to maintain skin health and effectively remove sweat, dirt and excess oil. Sandalwood, also known as Chandan, proves to be a powerful ally during this season and offers several benefits that soothe and rejuvenate our skin. Here are the reasons why Chandan is beneficial to your skin.

1) Soothing: The natural anti-inflammatory ingredients in sandalwood oil help soothe skin irritations like sunburn, rashes and redness caused by too much sun exposure in summer. When you apply sandalwood oil while showering, it soothes the pain and speeds up the healing process of the skin, making it look smoother and brighter.

2) Antimicrobial: Sandalwood oils fight bacteria and fungi that love warm, humid environments. It has antimicrobial qualities. By incorporating sandalwood oil into your shower routine, you can avoid skin infections and breakouts and have smooth, flawless skin all summer long.