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From poor to a well known businessman, Know about the inspiring journey of Mr Bhavikkumar Goti

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Let’s know about inspiring journey of Mr. Bhavikkumar Goti who once even do not have money to study further. Bhavikkumar Goti was born on 21 April 1994, Surat, Gujarat. He started his journy from online selling. After succeeded on this, he decided to make it his career and he named this company as Goti ad tech and Goti infoways.

He started his working journy when he was just 17-year-old. Goti started doing a job in e-commerce company on a pay of just 10000. After that he decided to start his own business when he was just 18, and he started his own digital marketing firm and web development company based in surat and launch a new brand kiayara when he was just 25. While at this many young people remains busy in love affairs, this man was working to shone his career.

Goti further described about what made him to start his own business instead of working in 9-6 jobs. He said that his Father Jayantibhai Goti was not happy while doing job, so he made his mind to becom a businessmen. He also said that his father also gave him full support and guidance time to time. His father also taught him about taking right decision at right time.

He also inspires today’s youth who aren’t belong to any IT field and have only passed 12th to start his own business. His company has a turn over of around 2 cr in a year.

He described his Father Jayantibhai and mother as his role model in profession. Because they even do not have money to study further after the collage so he started job and after that he started own business.

Goti told about how does it feal to deal with new clients. He said “We have lots of client and every day we meet many new people and meet new company CEO and we feel confident and proud to talk to them about marketing and making website or software.

He told about his journey that he started his company ‘Kiayara’ in 2017 and he started this company as a retails sectore and is now a clothing brand in 2023. They also launch costmtics products like shampoo and hair oil.

He cited his family behind the support and success of his company. And he is currently working on retial sector and he will start a retails store chain in name of Kiayara in 2024.