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Pooja Anand won the title of Miss Essence with hard work in the Miss Pulse Size India Show.

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Pulse size model Pooja Anand, who won the title of Miss Essence on the strength of her hard work , Miss Plus Size India Show 2022 was organized by Maven Production at Vivanta Hotel located in Dwarka, Delhi, in which Pooja Anand also participated and in the same show, Pooja managed to win the Miss Essence title. While Talking to the media, Pooja tells that the experience of the show was very good and I also got to learn a lot and also ended the fear inside me which always thought that fat people can not do anything, but When I participated in this show, Hardeep sir ( organiser) encouraged me a lot and today due to him I was able to reach at this position.

Pooja further told that in this journey, I have got a lot of support from my family members and everyone supported me every moment and always encouraged me, whatever I am today is because of them. Pooja’s dream is to become a role model for her daughters

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