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Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Writes to Prez on Agnipath Scheme, Urges Her to Intervene

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday wrote to President Droupadi Murmu against the Agnipath scheme, alleging there is ”discrimination” in the nature and extent of benefits given to the families of slain soldiers.

Urging the president to intervene, Gandhi said an ”exception is warranted in this case” as she is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India and the issue affects national security.

In his two-page letter to the President of India, Gandhi said he is writing to her with an appeal to provide ‘nyya’ (justice) to Agniveers, who lay down their lives in service to the nation.

“There can be no clearer illustration of the fundamental flaw in the Agnipath scheme – the creation of a ’lesser’ cadre of soldiers who are expected to work on similar tasks with lower pay, benefits and prospects,” he said while sharing his letter to President Murmu on the scheme.

“The discrimination in the nature and extent of benefits accorded to the families of our slain Agniveers, compared to regular soldiers warrants your urgent attention,” Gandhi said in his letter.

“This anyaay – injustice – is why the Congress Party and our INDIA allies have strongly opposed the Agnipath scheme, and have promised to repeal it if we form the government,” the former Congress chief said.

In the letter, Gandhi said, “I request you to intervene. I recognise that a President does not generally interfere in matters of policy, which are the domain of the elected government.

“However, I believe an exception is warranted in this case, given both the seriousness of this issue, and your unique position. You are the Supreme Commander of India’s Armed Forces. You have taken an oath to devote yourself to the well-being of the people of India.” ”Is this discrimination against our Agniveer martyrs not a risk to our national security? Is it not a grave injustice to our youth who bravely risk their lives to serve?” Gandhi asked in his letter.

“These pressing questions can only be answered in the affirmative.