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Decoding Milk Labels On World Milk Day: How to Spot Harmful Additives and Preservatives

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Navigating through dairy products can be confusing due to the many types of milk on display. Although milk is a common food with good levels of calcium and vitamins, not all milk is the same. Many products contain preservatives and additives that may affect your health. Therefore, it is important to read labels before making your purchase.

“In today’s dairy landscape, understanding milk labels goes beyond simply selecting between skim, 2%, or whole. It’s about deciphering the often-overlooked additives and preservatives that may lurk within your carton. Regular milk, sourced from various households and collection centers, typically undergoes multi-level processing, compromising its freshness and purity. When it comes to spotting additives and preservatives in milk, several key pointers can help consumers navigate their choices. Beware of unfamiliar ingredients such as carrageenan, artificial flavors, potassium sorbate, or sodium benzoate, which often signal the presence of additives. Additionally, consider the milk’s shelf life; longer durations may indicate the use of preservatives, whereas truly fresh milk naturally sours within a few days. Lastly, trust your senses; fresh milk exudes a pleasant, slightly sweet aroma, while any chemical odor or unusual thickness may indicate the presence of additives,” said Varun Khurana, CEO and Founder, Otipy.