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Struggling To Keep Your Summer Whites Clean? Try This Laundry Hack

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People prefer wearing white clothes during summer. This is because white colour is soothing to the eye and absorbs less heat. It provides better cooling to the skin and body. Since the white clothes are used so frequently in summers, they are bound to get dirty easily. Today, let’s take a look at easy and simple tricks to properly clean your summer whites.

Take a bucket and fill it to the brim with lukewarm water, so that your garment can be immersed easily. Then take two teaspoons of baking soda, half lemon juice and two teaspoons of vinegar and mix it with the water. Now, you have to immerse your white cloth in this solution. It is advised that keeping the cloth like that overnight would give better results.

The next morning, transfer the cloth to a washing machine or use a detergent to cleanse it thoroughly with clean water. You will see the difference of colour in your cloth and it will look better. After cleaning it, leave it in the sun and if the sun is too strong, then keep it in a shaded area. This method will keep your white garments clean and will look new for a long time.